Air Slaid group is with a new logo, a stronger visual identify and more elaborate, that’s reinforcing the company’s originality.

What the new logo of Air Slaid group is?

Hexagon – The hexagon is the geometric shape of honeycombs. Bees work in teams to develop the hive, they spread pollen from flowers and the most amazing thing — they never lose focus!

Honeycombs: In addition to storing the honey, the honeycomb is where baby bees develop – developing people is one of the core values ​​of the Air Slaid Group.

Several hexagons – The several hexagons that form the largest hexagon represent our mix of products and the universe of processes they serve.

Color Red – the color red is a strong color that represents the character and determination of Air Slaid group.

Color fading – the color fading represents the purest results in filtration that is provided by  Air Slaid products.