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Prepared to meet the needs of the market of filtration and constantly seeking total quality, the weaving of Air Slaid, is equipped with high technology and precision machines, such as Dornier ® electronic weavers, specially adapted to the monofilament with high capacity and production in large width.

A rigid standard of production starts with control and correct warehousing of the yarn that go through warping and weavers. After being fabricated, the fabric is revised under quality control in our own laboratory and sent to the finishing sector.

Despite the investment in technology, the Air Slaid group doesn’t forget that people are the ones most responsible for quality in our products. Constant training and investing in workers’ wellbeing is the base for this company’s progress.



A versatile workshop with high flexibility of production, guarantees the manufacturing of different types of filtering elements, all of them designed exclusively for each specific costumer. Total control of the designs and dimension specifications guarantee that every order conforms to the delivery needs of each order.

The Air Slaid group works with lines of Polypropylene, Polyamide, Polyester, and Special Yarns. Straight seam sewing machines, a 2-needle sewing machine and special yarn closing machined for heavy industrial fabrics, guarantee quality of the sewing. The canvases are produced with thermoplastic eyelets in ultrasound machines.

We use laser cutting in 100% of the production, and are the first national company to make this kind of filtering element, guaranteeing quickness in the delivery.



In this stage thermofixing is done, that is when the fabric gets its main differentials.

The thermofixing provides the fabric with dimensional stability and resistance; the opening and flow control of the fabric is achieved in a big width calender with high precision of temperature and pressure.

Air Slaid produces fabrics with the lowest air permeability on the market, ranging from 0.2 cfm to 200 cfm in a ½ column of water.

It is important to say that all of these processes are operated inside Air Slaid’s factory, in fact, the Air Slaid group was the first Brazilian company to develop fabrics in monofilaments super calendered (since 1998) with the smallest permeability on the market.


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