Air Slaid Group


With more than 45 years of experience in the market of technical fabrics, the Air Slaid group seeks to be a market leader and a reference in Latin America.


The group is located in Americana (State of Sao Paulo), which is the biggest Latin America textile manufacturing center of flat-weaved fabrics of artificial and natural fibers.

The mission of the Air Slaid group is to develop high quality products that not only meet customer expectations, but also, contribute to the process, promoting improvements for customers of their products.

The group has a wide range of products, and guarantees to offer the best solution to each type of industrial filtering process.

The Air Slaid group seeks excellence through valuing people, team spirit, quality of products and services, and safety, contributing to the sustainable development of the community where it belongs.


The fabrics produced by the Air Slaid group offer filtering solutions to all following industries:



Food and Beverage


Car manufacturing












Petro chemical


Steel Milling


Paper and Cellulose


Sugar and Alcohol


The Air Slaid fabrics can also be used in
water and wastewater treatments.

Air Slaid

Our History

The history of the Air Slaid group has been weaved by the tradition and dedication of two families. Since the Italian immigration to the region textile manufacturing, the Luchesi and the Grassi families, have been working to create prosperity in the textile sector.

In the 50’s, both factories: Têxtil Santa Eliza and Tecelagem Antônio Grassi, were already well known all over Brazil. In 1968, the traditions of these two families united with the couple Irineu Grassi (in memory) and Esther Luchesi, who, together in 1970 started to produce technical fabrics designated for industrial filtering. In 1996 their children took over the management of Air Slaid, accepting the challenge to innovate with the objective of producing the most precise and well fabricated industrial filtering fabrics in Brazil.

In 2012, Air Slaid bought the Big Telas company, a manufacturer of screens for industries such as sugar & alcohol, paper and cellulose, with an intention of expanding into these markets, thereby forming the Air Slaid Group.



“Fabricate and commercialize technical fabrics and industrial filtering elements, contributing to the sustainable development of the countries and community where we work, with a focus on total customer satisfaction.”



"To be a leader and reference in the sector of technical fabrics and industrial filtering elements, and recognized for our commitment"



People, sustainable development, search for excellence, team spirit, quality and safety.

Quality Policy

Guided by our mission, the Air Slaid group has as an objective the total satisfaction of clients earned by excellence in customer service, punctuality, and in product quality, achieving through professionalism of the workers and continuous improvement of our quality management system.


Rodrigo Luchesi Grassi
Luciano Luchesi Grassi
Cristiano Luchesi Grassi


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